An update on Cinegear, Los Angeles:

We are 4 days away from attending the exhibits and premiere seminars offered at Cinegear Expo 2015.

Every year, this event four day event is a huge success with plenty of new technology and exhibits, cool demos, relationships to be cultivated, and the very best freebies! GoPro raffles cameras and gives away discounts and prizes for all to enjoy. You can acquire valuable directories and resources that, for free admission, is just a ridiculous advantage to your business. Be sure to arrive early with all your registration info printed and you will have a great day.

REMEMBER: Free online Registration until May 30. 2015 12:00 Midnight PDT after that time $ 25.00 at the Door.




movie camara


Goodyear Blimp




Before registration fills up, run to and discover why you don’t want to miss this nearly all-encompassing expo and film series competition. You must register online before May 26th to avoid paying a cash admission fee.

RIL AUDIO VISUAL will be there and (as we do each year) enjoy educating ourselves on the latest technologies in many aspect of production for you, our clients. Cine Gear Expo provides an unequaled  opportunity to meet with companies producing the latest tools and services for the industry, get hands-on technical training, gain new skills, hear breaking industry news, network with peers and learn from industry leaders.

Below is a fun clip from a past year that addresses concerns in the area of filmmaking.


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