More Gallery Pics & Line Arrays Are In.

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When sound matters most, line array speakers impress.  A line array is a loudspeaker system that is made up of a number of  loudspeaker elements (usually identical) that are mounted in a line and fed in phase to create a near-line source of sound.

Today’s line arrays allow you to assemble a loudspeaker formation that is several meters high. This is easily achieved by stacking your preferred loudspeakers on top of each other inside multiple small cabinets. The multiple cabinets present two excellent advantages: They allow you to construct a line array to be as big or as small as you’d like (accommodating both your space and budgetary needs) plus you can configure it into any shape you’d like, advancing intelligent design, style, and sound for your venue or gig.

A great line array system plus a skilled audio engineer equals a superior sound experience. We’re happy to provide all of that and more! – Rick Lombera, CEO, RILAV

We would be happy to answer any questions you have about line arrays.

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